Magic Bullet Blender Review – A Necessity

Back in the old days, people used to get a bunch of ingredients together, grab a bowl and a wooden rod, and mash all the ingredients using the rod to blend them. This process probably took anywhere from 20-30 minutes to complete.

Many people today barely have enough time to brush their teeth let alone mash food together for 30 minutes. That is why we created the blender 1922. From then on, blender technology has only gotten better and faster (thank God).

From 1922 to now, there have many blenders created and each one being better than the last. In the article, I will be giving you the magic bullet blender review and letting you know if it is a worthy investment.

The Facts

  1. Small and easy to store
  2. Comes with 2 blending cups
  3. Blends in under a minute
  4. Easy Cleaning
  5. My Rating: 8 out of 10
  6. Only $38.90 on

Why Do You Need a Blender?

Blenders are an amazing addition to anyone’s kitchen arsenal. Whether you are a health enthusiast, you go to the gym, or you just like a good smoothie, you will love and have a need for a solid blender.

Blenders are very versatile. You can use them for smoothies, protein shakes, guacamole, and really anything liquid or solid that you wish to mix together for a tasty treat. I use my magic bullet blender mainly for making protein shakes, in which I add peanut butter, fruits, veggies and yogurt.

Blenders are also very handy if you need to eat something that you hate for its nutritional benefits. I find myself in this situation a lot with vegetables. For some reason I can’t stand the taste of raw vegetables. So, instead of waiting for them to be cooked, I throw them in a blender with other healthy, but tasty foods, and I have no problem slurping it down!

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Benefits of the Magic Bullet

Ease of Use: One of my favorite features of the magic bullet is that it has no buttons! All you have to do is fill one of the cups it comes with, with the foods of your choice, screw the lid on, insert it into the grooves of the blender and push the cup down. That’s it! Then, about 30 seconds later, you have a delicious blend of foods that you can drink right out of the cup that you blended it in.

Not only is it easy to use, it’s very easy to clean as well. It’s dishwasher safe and even if you want to clean it manually, it takes about 30 seconds and your ready to go for the next smoothie.

Effectiveness: With previous blenders that I’ve used, it was almost guaranteed that I would get at least one leftover clump of food left in my smoothie. With the magic bullet, I RARELY ever experience this. Everything that I blend is shredded right up and made into a smooth textured liquid all the way to the bottom of the cup.

Another advantage of the magic bullet is its compatibility with different sized cups. A lot of blenders only come with one huge cup and it’s almost always too big for whatever you’re blending. With the magic bullet, it comes with two cups, one being 16 oz and the other being 12 oz. You can also buy larger and smaller cups for an extra cost.

Size and Mobility: Yet another advantage of the magic bullet is its small size and mobility. It is a very small and lightweight blender. This allows for it to be used almost anywhere you have access to an outlet. Its small size gives it the ability to sit on your counter or kitchen island and BARELY take up any space. It’s base is only about 5 inches in diameter so you can imagine how little it is.

Price: Arguably one of the greatest features of the magic bullet isn’t even a feature. It’s the price tag associated with it. Some blenders, with the same efficiency, can run you up more than $500 while the magic bullet, coming with two different sized cups, is only a measly $38! I can’t put into words how GREAT of a deal that is and with all of its benefits, it should be a no brainer.



Although it’s one of the best blenders I’ve every used, it does have some cons.

Sound: Like most blenders, the magic bullet is pretty loud. If you are standing next to it while blending something, your going to have to wait until it’s done to have any sort of conversation with someone. Honestly, sometimes I can’t even hear myself think while running it so it definitely has some volume to it. But what blender doesn’t?

Lack of Large Servings: Although I believe its small size is a plus and it comes with various sized cups, its largest available cup is still on the smaller side compared to other blenders. If you are just making a smoothie for yourself or another person, you should’t have a problem. But if you are having a party and trying to make 10 or more servings, you’re going to have to make a couple cups.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, owning a blender is very important if you like to eat healthy, go to the gym or just like to combine different foods into a tasty treat. In my opinion, the magic bullet has more upside than downside. It is VERY easy to use, it is super effective for its small size, and it’s price is UNBEATABLE. Its biggest downsides are its sound and its inability to produce large servings. Both, however, are no big deal as long as you aren’t blending for a party.

I wouldn’t be caught dead without my magic bullet and I use it at least 3 times a week. Usually I use it for protein shakes and preworkout smoothies, but it is also great for sauces, cocktails, dips and lots more.

So, what are you waiting for? Click this link and get your magic bullet blender today!

2 thoughts on “Magic Bullet Blender Review – A Necessity”

  1. Hey buddy,
    Fellow gym goer here, really appreciate the post man, gr8 content. Couple questions cause my Ninja bullet just broke on me (ugh). Sometime I get skeptical when prices are this low, like, will it break after a few months?
    Also, the cup ditch. Do they come in opaque colors? I’m self conscious about what my drink looks like and what I choose to make that day. The smoothie-of-the-day is a personal choice known only between me and my blender (as you know, people can be nosey). Thanks I’m advance man.

    • Hey Rob!

      Thank you so much for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear about your ninja breaking on you, I know how frustrating that can be! I’ve had my magic bullet since last summer so almost a year now and there are about 3-4 people in my family who use it weekly and it still is in great shape. For the low price, it is actually surprisingly durable.

      Haha I get that. Sometimes I make a smoothie and it’s green and looks gross but I force myself to drink it. Sadly, I did some research and I didn’t see any opaque colored cup options for the magic bullet, only see through ones. I’m not saying there are none but I didn’t see any. Besides a colored cup, you might be able to try a cup sleeve so that it covers the contents of your smoothie while giving you a nice grip.

      I hope this helped you and please keep me updated about your blender decision! If you choose to go with a different blender, I would love to hear your review.


      Pat Kelly


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