How To Make a New Year’s Resolution Last – 5 Helpful Tips

If you are someone who makes a new year’s resolution at the beginning of every year but fails to carry it over to the next, this article is for you.

I will be explaining how to make a new year’s resolution last and, more importantly, I will be giving you 5 tips that will not only help you carry all of your resolutions over to the next year, but will help you make positive changes in your life for years to come!

It’s that time again. Millions of people around the world are celebrating the end of last year and the beginning of a new year. Some are happy for a fresh start, some are worried about what’s to come and some are just happy that they have an excuse to get blacked out on a weekday.

Among these millions of people, there will be those who make their annual new year’s resolutions. According a study done in 2016, 41% of Americans make new years resolutions, and of this 41%, only 9% felt that they were able to keep their resolutions until the end of the year and see positive changes.

This statistic reminds me of the popular saying, “It’s easier said than done”. Although this may be true, it doesn’t mean that keeping to your new year’s resolutions has to be difficult.

1. Stay True to Your Word

This may seem self-explanatory but it is probably the single most important thing you can do for yourself. Way to many people say one thing and do another either out loud or with the little voice in their head.

Not only will you never get anything done lying to yourself, but you create an environment where you don’t hold yourself accountable. ACCCOUNTABILITY IS KEY.

The more times you say you are going to do something and don’t, the more your word loses its value.

Not following through on your word is also how many people set themselves up for anxiety and depression because they consciously and unconsciously make themselves feel unworthy and like they are not fulfilling their true potential.

If you say your going to do something, hold yourself accountable and do it! It sounds simple but it’s much harder when you try to implement it into your life.

If you have trouble with this, I suggest reading “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. He talks about how important it is to be impeccable with your word and 3 other ways you can set yourself up for long term happiness and fulfillment!

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2. Change Your Environment

You ever wonder why some people get addicted to drugs, go to rehab, get out feeling great and ready to change their lives for the better only to revert back to their old ways?

It’s most likely because they go back to the same environment they were in when they were using the drugs!

Using the drug addiction example, if you shoot up heroin in the same room in your house for 2 years, your brain will subconsciously feel the need to do heroin every time you step foot in that room whether you’re 10 years sober or just shot up an hour ago.

If you find yourself in a bad place or want to break a bad habit, one of the most efficient ways to force yourself to do so is to change your environment. Whether that means to rearrange your house, stop going to a certain bar or completely pick up your belongings and move, just do it and will be blown away by the changes you are able to make!

Obviously, moving to a new house is a huge change, but like I mentioned, a change in your environment can be something simple like moving your couch from one wall to another and painting a room a different color.

3. Write it Down

According to a study done by, you are 42% more likely to achieve the goals that you write down. Let that sink in…

That is a HUGE difference between fulfilling your desires and failing by just simply writing something down. Which, by the way, takes less than 60 seconds!

If you are serious about your new year’s resolutions, WRITE THEM DOWN.

This not only helps you remember them, but it’s a great way to bring them from your thoughts to the physical world. It will also help you be more accountable since you will constantly be reminded of what you set out to do at the beginning of the year.

I suggest that you either write your resolutions down in a notebook every night or write them down on a big piece of paper and hang them in your room where you will see them every day.

This constant exposure to your resolutions will be great motivation for when things get tough!

4. Don’t be Afraid to Let Go

Sometimes in order for us to move forward, we have to get rid of things in our lives that are holding us back. These ‘things’ can be negative friends, following the wrong people on social media, a stuck up boss or whatever might be holding you back from your true potential in life.

It’s not easy to let go of things that you have become so accustomed to, but sometimes it’s necessary in order for you to take a step in the right direction.

It’s not easy but I encourage you to look at the people around you, the people you follow on social media and anyone/anything that you interact with on a daily basis that could be holding you back.

Just a warning, you might be surprised when you discover the negative forces in your life!

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5. Break Through the Resistance and Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Whenever you try to change something about yourself or move your life in a different direction, you are sure to be met with resistance. You might feel great during the first few days of the change (which most people do) but this initial ‘happy stage’ is eventually met with challenges.

This is why so many people make their resolutions on New Year’s day, keep them for about 2 weeks and then eventually quit. They are met with resistance.

In order to break through these early challenges, you must stay consistent, disciplined, and REMEBER WHY YOU WANT TO MAKE THE CHANGE.

Often times people forget why they wanted to positively change their life in the first place and end up finding an excuse to quit and halt their progress.

But please remember that NOBODY IS PERFECT. It is 100% impossible to not mess up for a whole year. Honestly, you should be messing up because, if you’re not, you might be an alien.

All you have to do when you fail is get right back at it the next day and don’t get too hard on yourself for messing up. We’re only human!

No good change is ever easy, but just know, you will be met with resistance and it’s those who break through that resistance that are able to positively influence their lives.

P.S. – If you get through the resistance stage, its gets easier!!

Time To Attack Your New Year’s Resolutions

Overall, not everyone makes new year’s resolutions and that’s OK. Not everyone has to and/or wants to.

However, I find that if you truly want to change your life for the better and want to use the new year as a motivator to do it, make new year’s resolutions, stay true to your word, change your environment/mindset, write your resolutions down, lose what’s holding you back and break through the resistance!

Remember, you will probably fail…many times in fact. But the thing that separates the successful from the non successful is that the successful people NEVER quit.

I applaud you for reading this far because that’s a great sign that you have what it takes to break your old bad habits and become an unstoppable force that is making its way to their full potential.

If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts on making new year’s resolutions and the things you can do to help yourself keep them!

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