How to Get Abs Overnight – Backed By Science!

Everyone wants abs. You want abs, your mom wants abs and your brother-in-law wants abs. I don’t care if they deny it. They want them either now or they wanted them at some point in their life.

It’s a natural human desire. Abs have become the epitome of health, fitness and good looks. So why wouldn’t you want them?

In this article, I will be explaining how to get abs overnight. Not literally overnight, but I will be showing you how you can go from a 6 pack of jelly rolls to a ripped 6 pack of dense muscle as fast as possible and completely change your physique.

*DISCLAIMER* It is not easy to get abs or else everyone would have them. Please be aware of that, if you decide to read further, you might be going down a road you can’t turn back from and it just might change your life (for the better).

What are Abs?

We all know what abs are. They’re the muscles that stick out of your stomach when you know the magical secret of how to get them. But let’s look at them on a scientific level.

According to BetterHealth, abs or the abdominal muscles, are located between the ribs and the hips on the front of the body and support various functions for the body like keeping you balanced, protecting your spine and even hold your organs in place.

What most people don’t know is that the abdominal muscles are utilized in almost all of our body movements like squats, pull ups and even the chest press.

This is why it is so important to have a strong core, it will help you excel at every exercise you do!

If we want to get scientific, the abdominal muscles are split up into 4 different muscles:

  1. Transversus Abdominus (deepest layer)
  2. Rectus Abdominus (The muscles that appear on the stomach and we call the “6-pack”)
  3. External Oblique Muscles (On the sides of your stomach)
  4. Internal Oblique Muscles (Also on the sides of your stomach)

I won’t go any further as I’m not a scientist and I don’t really think you care.

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The Biggest Reason Why 99% of People Don’t Have Abs

Like I said earlier, if having abs was easy, everyone would have them.

If you are serious about getting abs, please take a break from reading this and look at yourself in the mirror. Look yourself dead in the eyes and say that you will NOT quit until you have a shredded 6 pack on your stomach.

Out of the 99% of people that don’t have abs, I’d probably guess at least 60% of them have tried to get abs but failed and gave up within two weeks of trying. YOU HAVE TO STAY CONSISTENT.

Getting fit, let alone achieving abs, is a lifestyle change. Any change in your life will come with resistance but you have to stay true to your goals and push through the early struggles because they will happen.

You have to stay disciplined, eat the right food and perform the right exercises for a long enough time to where your abs are finally able to peak out of your skin and see the world for the first time.

It is a great feeling and you WILL experience it if you do what I say in the next section…

Abs are Made in the Kitchen…

You can do 100 sit ups every day of your life and still not have abs. Well, you will have strong abdominal muscles obviously but you will not have the visible 6 pack that you are looking for. You want to know why?

Because abs are made in the kitchen!

And no, I don’t mean you should be performing your ab workouts in the kitchen. What I mean is that you get abs by eating properly and watching your calorie intake.

Also, just to kill the myth now, you cannot pick and choose parts of your body to lose fat in. You lose fat by lowering your body fat percentage. Your body determines what fat it burns.

To get abs, you need to have a low amount of fat on your body. According to the American Council on Exercise, women need to be around 14 percent body fat and men need to be around 10% body fat in order for their abs to show. In case you were wondering, the average person’s body fat percentage sits at around 20-30%.

I know I’m throwing a lot of statistics at you right now, but just to put it into perspective, you would need to lose about 2-4 pounds of fat to drop a body fat percentage.

So if you want abs, go ahead and do the math and you will realize how much weight you would have to lose in order to develop visible abs.

Therefore, the MAGICAL FORMULA to developing visible abs is to maintain a constant calorie deficit (to lose weight), consume enough protein to grow them, and perform intense ab workouts at least 2-3 times a week.


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Nutrition Protocol and Ab Exercises

If you are unsure of how to put yourself in a calorie deficit and track your calories, don’t worry, I already covered that in one of my previous articles. Click here to check it out!

Like I said in the previous section, you need to be in a calorie deficit in order to reveal your abs, but that doesn’t mean that ab exercises are pointless.

It is also important to work out your abs in order to help them grow, tone them and make them flat out look better once you do get to a low body fat percentage.

Having strong/muscular abs will also help them poke through your skin and you might be able to maintain a slightly higher body fat percentage while still having abs.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite ab exercises to help you develop muscular abs:

  • L-Sits
  • Planks
  • Crunches
  • Russian Twists
  • Hanging Knee Raises

*IMPORTANT NOTE* There’s really no one exercise that will help grow your abs better than the rest. What matters most is hitting your abs with volume and intensity. You should also make sure you are hitting your obliques (side ab muscles) and not ignoring them.

Since I know a lot of people tend to skip ab workouts and hate doing them, I recommend utilizing the ab exercises that you don’t mind doing and combining them into a 5-10 minute workout so that you get them done quick and are less likely to skip them!

Final Thoughts

Overall, everyone wants abs and barely anyone ever achieves them. This is for obvious reasons but the truth is ANYONE can get abs. They just have to make the commitment and stay disciplined throughout the process.

You have to combine eating in a calorie deficit with intense ab workouts to get that six-pack you’ve always dreamed of.

Good luck and I hope that you become part of the rare crowd that achieves their dream body!

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