Ancient Nutrition Protein Powder – Review

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried every protein powder under the sun. Some with AMAZING taste but with a ton of calories and not a lot of protein. Then there are others with crazy amounts of protein and barely any calories but you literally have to hold your nose when you take a sip because it tastes THAT bad.

After trying a myriad of protein powders, I eventually figured I just had to pick my poison. I either got a lot of protein with a crappy taste or some protein with an amazing taste. But then I found Ancient Nutrition protein powder, specifically, their super food bone broth protein powder, and my perspective changed.

The Facts

Ancient Nutrition bone broth protein powder has:

  1. 22 GRAMS OF PROTEIN per scoop
  2. Only 100 CALORIES
  3. Less than 1 gram of fat and sugar
  4. $67.96 for a container with 40 servings
  5. My Rating: 9.8 out of 10
  6. Best place to purchase:

Bone Broth Protein?

Yes. You read that right. I said bone broth protein. Now, like you, I also thought at first, “what the heck is bone broth protein?” Well, let me inform you about this SUPERFOOD supplement.

It’s actually pretty self-explanatory. Bone broth is made from animal bones and connective tissues. These animal parts are gently boiled for hours until their beneficial nutrients are activated. Then, to make it into the powder form, the liquid bone broth is dehydrated and mixed with various ingredients to form a powder substance.

Bone broth is often hailed as a super food and usually consumed through various soups. Bone broth contains a healthy amount of collagen which provides a plethora of benefits to your hair, skin, and nails. Bone broth also helps in regulating bowel movements, supporting joint health and increasing the strength/density of your bones!

Not only are you consuming a large amount of protein with bone broth, but it also contains essential amino acids which are very important for building and retaining muscle. Unlike whey protein powders that basically only give you protein, bone broth protein powder offers a TON of various health benefits as well as a healthy amount of protein per serving.

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Mixability – Many protein powders that I’ve used in the past, especially whey, have been very thick and difficult to mix with milk or water. Heck, I would get a forearm workout just from mixing my protein. That is not the case with ancient nutrition’s bone broth protein. Their protein powder mixes EASILY with any liquids. It takes me about 10 seconds of shaking my bottle for it to fully mix.

Taste – Not only does this bone broth protein powder mix well, but it also tastes incredible. I especially like the chocolate flavor that ancient nutrition offers. For many of the whey protein powders I’ve tried, it was a necessity to drink them with either milk or another tasty liquid. I would NEVER think about drinking them with water because the taste would be absolutely horrific. With the chocolate flavored bone broth protein, it blows my mind how it literally tastes the exact same whether I drink it with milk or water. The EXACT same. I wish I could put into words how much I appreciate the taste but the only way for you to experience it is to try it out for yourself. (Drinking your protein shakes with water also helps to lower the amount of calories you are consuming)

Digestablity – One of my biggest complaints about whey protein used to be how bloated and crappy it made me feel after consuming it. With bone broth protein powder, it not only doesn’t make me bloated or feel like crap, but it also helps me feel more full. Like I said previously, bone broth is great for your digestive tract and gut health and you can really feel the difference when you drink it.



Now, I gave you all the benefits and reasons why bone broth protein is AMAZING. There has to be cons right? Eh, not really. For as long as I’ve been using bone broth protein, I can honestly say that I really haven’t run into many downsides with the actual product. But there is one.

Price – With all of its amazing qualities, it makes sense that it’s a little pricier than your average whey protein powder. Like I mentioned above, for about $67.96, you can get yourself a container with 40 servings. If you are taking one scoop a day or fewer, that 40 servings will last you plenty of time. But if you like to consumer 2 or more protein shakes a day, it might not do it for you.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, ancient nutrition’s bone broth protein powder is a very underrated supplement. It offers a plethora of health benefits, it mixes well with any liquid, it has an AMAZING taste, and you can drink it without the crappy, bloated feeling in your gut. The only downside I’ve experienced in 2 years of using it is the price.

Bone broth is a certified super food and should definitely be included into your everyday diet. It has been used for centuries as a remedy for many ailments and illnesses. Hence, the brand’s name ancient nutrition.

For me personally, I only consume a protein shake maybe 2-3 times a week. I really only drink one if I don’t meet my protein requirements for the day. I usually try my best to get all the protein I need from the food I eat. With this method, I honestly only need to buy one of these containers every couple of months. So for me, it is well worth the price and the benefits are a plus. If you would like to learn more about how much protein you should be consuming in a day, check out one of my recent posts here.

Overall, I believe that if you have only used whey protein powders your whole life, switching it up and trying out ancient nutrition’s bone broth protein powder is a MUST. Trust me, it is worth the price and if you aren’t sure just try one of the smaller containers that they offer. So if, for some odd reason, you don’t like it, you don’t spend too much of your own money.

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