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Hi everyone and welcome to getmejacked.com. Working out and living a healthy lifestyle has been a passion of mine for about 5 years now since I started college at St. Joseph’s University. In the picture you see above, the left side is me at 193 pounds thinking I was shredded (lol). The picture on the right is me 23 pounds lighter at 170 pounds and, surprisingly, stronger than I was on the left.

Although I have not achieved all my fitness goals just yet, I wanted to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to join me in achieving fitness goals that some people would never dream of!

My Fitness Journey

Growing up, my favorite sports were soccer and baseball. I played both of them from when I was 5 all the way up and through high school. In soccer, we were dominant, winning the district title all three years I was there. In baseball, my junior year, we went all the way to the state championship but fell short of the title in a close game.

After high school, I moved on to St. Joseph’s University. After playing sports my whole life, I needed a new hobby. This is when I discovered the gym.

My freshman year of college, I weighed around 160 pounds and had very little muscle mass. I was what some people would consider a “twig”. But after hard work, persistence, and help from my good friend Luca, I was able to gain about 20 pounds. Obviously, not all of this new weight was muscle and I noticed that I had put on some fat. I was learning how to lift but didn’t really know much about what to eat or what supplements to take. I just figured that lifting right and eating a lot of food would get me jacked.

By my senior year, I weighed around 190 pounds and was 10x stronger than I was when I started.  I was able to achieve my main goal of benching 225. Hitting this goal, which took over 3 years to accomplish, not only raised my confidence, but it made my addiction to the gym even more intense and I started to set more and more goals for myself.

As graduation approached, the covid-19 pandemic struck. The gym at my school was closed down and I was forced to work out at my apartment, which didn’t go too well. I had absolutely no weights and, although I tried in the beginning, my motivation to workout slowly dwindled away. I eventually stopped working out all together and started hanging out with my friends a lot more, drinking often and eating like crap.

This phase led me to gain about 6 pounds and the number on the scale showed 196. By the time I graduated and got back to my childhood home, the gyms finally started to open back up and I got the motivation to workout again. Through the summer, I maintained my new weight of 196 pounds even though I went to the gym consistently. I wasn’t really trying to lose weight because I thought I looked good but, if you look at the transformation picture above, I definitely had some fat on me.

In September, I finally decided to take my physical health seriously and started a program made by Greg Ogallagher. At the time, I had been following Greg on Instagram for almost 3 years, but for some reason, never thought of using his programs. After seeing many persuasive transformation pictures, however, I decided to give his programs a shot.

The program I started with was called the Greek God program which was meant to build strength and muscle while cutting fat at the same time. I stayed on this program for about 7 months and went from about 193 pounds to around 186 pounds and the biggest success I found was in my strength abilities. I was at least 1.2-1.3 times stronger on my key lifts and was loving my new found strength.

The Greek God program helping me put on some extra muscle inspired me to buy another one of Greg’s programs called the Movie Star Body program. This program was mainly focused on cutting and getting chiseled, which I wanted in the worst way. I was on this program for about 3 months and went from 186 pounds all the way down to about 170 pounds! I couldn’t believe it.

So after about a 10 month period, I had lost roughly 23 pounds and added some serious muscle and strength gains, although, I did lose some of those strength gains towards the end of my cut. This is to be expected, however, after being in a calorie deficit for months on end.

The main thing I learned throughout Greg’s programs is how important diet is and, more specifically, consuming the correct amount of calories and macronutrients. For the most part, I knew how to lift and gain muscle, but I never really knew what to feed my body.

I still can’t believe that I have abs and I lost 23 pounds. I honestly never thought I would be so lean. But, throughout my fitness journey, I’ve learned that with a little persistence, hard work, and utilization of the right program/diet, anything is possible!

Why I Want To Inspire Others

Not only did I gain a good amount of muscle, get leaner than I ever thought was possible and learn the ups and downs of making progress, I also learned how HARD WORK, PERSISTENCE, and DESIRE can lead you above and beyond what you ever thought you were capable of achieving.

Don’t get me wrong, there were multiple times throughout these 5 years, especially in the last year, where life got the best of me and I didn’t want to go to the gym, was too tired or something came up. But no matter what I was feeling or what the circumstance was, I put my head down, focused on my ultimate goal and got right back on track. There is no fail if you never quit.

Nothing worth having is ever easy!

My Goal For This Site

My goal for this website is to help people from all walks of life see that any dream/desire is achievable as long as they are willing to put the work in. Not only do I want to inspire you to achieve success and fulfill your desires, but I want everyone who interacts with this site to learn valuable and practical information that will help them in their fitness journey.

I also hope that I am able to recommend products and supplements from top brands and Amazon that might make your fitness journey a little bit easier.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

You can follow my Instagram, @patkelly_performance, as well to stay up to date with my fitness journey!

All the best,

Pat Kelly


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